Van Meter Selected as 2018-2019 Visioning Community

The City of Van Meter has been selected as a Visioning Community for the 2018-2019 cohort through the Iowa’s Living Roadways Community Visioning Program. Here is a brief overview of what the program seeks to accomplish. Be sure to follow along with out progress at our community page.

The Community Visioning Program integrates landscape planning and design with sustainable action to empower community leaders and volunteers in making sound, meaningful decisions about the local landscape. Anchored by a committee of local residents, communities work closely with technical experts from Trees Forever, a private-sector landscape architect, and the Iowa State University Department of Landscape Architecture to create a transportation enhancement plan reflecting the values and identity of the community. Throughout the process, the committee identifies and investigates the physical and cultural dimensions of landscape issues, sets goals for change, and develops implementation strategies for meeting community goals. Successful completion of the visioning process results in a transportation enhancement plan and implementation strategies that empower communities to build meaningful townscapes, step by step, as resources become available.