Economic Development

The City of Van Meter’s Economic Development Committee is continually working to establish a city that encourages healthy business and residential growth. The Committee feels that working to promote unity in visioning and goals within and taking the steps internally to establish this will have external results.

Strategic Vision Plan

The City of Van Meter received a grant from MidAmerican Energy to assist in the cost of hiring RDG Planning & Design to work with the City to prepare a new Strategic Vision Plan.  The first step in the preparation was the initiation of an email questionnaire targeted at city residents as well as the entire VM school district.  The next step was the gathering of public input at a meeting which was very well attended.  The Van Meter Economic Development Committee continued to work with RDG and a final draft of the Van Meter Strategic Vision Plan was made available.

Strategic Vision Plan

Visioning Survey

Brand Development

A sub-committee identified Step One:  “Establish the Van Meter Community Brand/Identify.”    The result  is our current logo “Van Meter: Tradition with a Vision.” This logo was developed in conjunction with a Branding/Visual Identity System. This brand has been implemented in a number of mediums.

Van Meter Branding/Visual Identity System

Marketing and Brand Implementation

A basic marketing plan was developed to provide brand implementation and equity establishment steps. This plan was developed with the goals of healthy business and residential growth in mind by communicating to both outside and inside audiences. Social media initiatives have been a specific part of this plan, and a separate social media marketing plan has been developed further to address the use of this tool. Each tool discussed in the marketing plan, including social media, has been implemented and is continually evolving with time.

Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan



The City of Van Meter has partnered with a number of economic development resources in the Greater Des Moines Area to work toward our economic development goals. Van Meter is united with our neighboring communities and resources and is committed to positive change.

Our Partners

 MidAmerican Energy

Location One