Public Works General Info

The Van Meter Public Works department provides many services to residents and businesses within city limits.

Functions of Public Works include operating the city water system, sewer system, street maintenance, building and grounds maintenance, cemetery maintenance, and equipment purchase and maintenance for the city. In addition, employees perform related duties as required.

Water Quality Report
This report contains important information regarding the water quality in our water system. The source of our water is groundwater. The results of our water quality testing can be found in the following link – 2018 Van Meter CCR Copies are also available at City Hall.

For questions regarding this information or how you can get involved in decision regarding the water system, please contact Van Meter City Hall at 515-996-2644.

2018 Van Meter CCR

2017 Van Meter

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2015 Van Meter

2014 Van Meter

2013 Van Meter

Water Quality Study 2012

Iowa One Call – 1-800-292-8989 or
Call 48 Hours BEFORE You Dig!!

Digging: Iowa law states that before beginning any outdoor project that involves digging, you must call Iowa One Call at 1-800-292-8989 in order to minimize the risk of damaging any type of underground utility. The service is free of charge. Visit their website at

Irrigation Meters
Irrigation Meter Procedure – Ordinance
Irrigation Info 2015

The following information comes from an article in the Midwest

The Safe Drinking Water Trust eBulletin is an online guide to accurate and useful information for people involved with community water systems.

For more information on The Safe Drinking Water Trust, their website can be viewed at

General Info About Van Meter Water

General Info About Van Meter Water

Well Avg Depth (ft):




Rated Capacity (mgd):


Temp Range (F):


Avg Capacity (mgd):


Connection Fee:


Peak Demand (mgd):


Cost/min of 2,000 gal. or less


Storage Capacity (gal):


Major Source:



Hardness (ppm)



Inside City Limits
$20.22 for 2,000 gallons;
$4.61 per 1,000 thereafter

Outside City Limits
$51.04 for 2,000 gallons’
$11.64 per 1,000 thereafter

These are the established rates and charges for the use of and for the service supplied by the municipal water utility based upon the meter readings of the amount of water consumed within city limits.